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Journey TRIBE


What's The Journey Tribe?

The Journey Tribe is a gathering of Kingdom women on the path toward a purpose-filled life. This community explores the impact of authentic fellowship that fosters safe spaces, and transformative spiritual and natural growth and development. The Journey Tribe offers women within the body of Christ the opportunity to build and become empowered by deeply authentic relationships.

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What Is The Journey Experience?

When you become a Journey Tribe member, you will be granted access to the Journey Experience. The Journey Experience is a curated space that offers its members intimate in-person multisensory Journey Gatherings, monthly virtual Journey Gatherings, an online community, and opportunities to become a mentee. The Journey Experience is everything you need in one place to walk out your destiny.


The Journey Experience is a continuous gathering of women who long for authentic relationships and empowerment. The Journey Experience will embolden you to walk in a deeper relationship with God so that you can realize your purpose and walk in your true God-given dominion and authority.

Additionally, every Journey Tribe woman will be given the exclusive opportunity to attend the Journey Gathering in Miami. Only 100 Journey women can attend this powerful, three-day gathering.


A Closer Look At Journey Gatherings

Members of the Journey Tribe will have the distinguished opportunity to attend private and intimate gatherings known as Journey Gatherings. These gatherings act as a bridge for Journey Tribe women that connects them with industry titans, faith-based leaders, and thought leaders.


Journey Gatherings are events offered at different times throughout the year; and are just one component of the Journey Experience. Each gathering combines fellowship, teaching, prophetic activation, and resources designed to empower and equip Journey Tribe women to walk in their divine dominion and authority.

When you become a Journey Tribe member, you will have early access to the three-day Journey Gathering in Miami. Become a member today!

 Journey Tribe Women Will Experience

  • What is the Journey Gathering?
    The Journey Gathering is a transformative experience where women can come together to celebrate and learn about their life-purpose journey.
  • What can I expect from Journey Experience?
    Our mission is to create a supportive community rooted in authenticity, love, and truth. Through our online virtual sessions and in-person experiences tailored for our members, we strive to provide access to healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation.
  • Who should join the Journey Experience?
    We welcome any woman seeking guidance on her life purpose journey. No matter the issue you are dealing with or have experienced, we are here to provide support.
  • Are there any costs associated with joining the Journey Tribe?
    Yes, the La Dream offerings serve as an investment into your spiritual development. This investment gives you access to sessions with Dr. Ingram and other guests. Some in-person gatherings require a fee for registration or admission, but those connected through our email list get early access to gatherings which is particularly important as some events may be exclusive or have limited capacity in order to ensure intimacy. Please check each gathering page for further information.
  • What if I can't afford the pricing for the training and in-person Journey Gatherings?
    We understand that some individuals may not be able to afford the price of our in-person events at this time due to financial constraints or other circumstances outside of their control. If this applies to you, we provide access to monthly payment plan options and financing options. If the payment plan option still creates a financial burden, we provide alternative financing options that might work better for your situation. Click here to learn more
  • Where are the Journey Gatherings held?
    The location of our Journey Gatherings includes virtual and in-person gatherings. Please check our website for upcoming Gatherings and their locations. The 2023 in-person journey gathering will be in Miami, Florida.
  • Are there hotel accommodations available for Journey Gathering attendees?
    Yes, the Full Journey walk pass includes full hotel room accommodations. For the other passes, we worked with Fountainblue to provide discounted rates for our attendees. Please refer to The Journey experience investment page for more information regarding passes.
  • Is transportation provided for Journey Gathering attendees?
    We are partnering with Three Zero Five for attendee Transportation. Attendees can work directly with Three Zero Five to arrange transportation needs.
  • What to Expect from The Journey Gathering?
    Are you considering attending The Journey Gathering? Here's what you can expect from this incredible event: Community The Journey Gathering brings together a diverse community of individuals who are committed to transformation, innovation, and change. You'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, and form lasting relationships. Learning At The Journey Gathering, you'll engage with world-class speakers and experts who are passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering attendees. The event offers a range of workshops, seminars, and plenary sessions that cover a broad range of topics, including spiritual development, community building, social justice, innovation, and creativity. Transformation Ultimately, The Journey Gathering is about transformation - individual, social, and collective. The event is designed to provide participants with the tools, resources, and support they need to embark on a journey of growth and development. You'll leave The Journey Gathering feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered to make a real difference in your life and your community. Activities The Journey Gathering offers a variety of activities throughout the event to foster connection and engagement among attendees. These activities include opportunities for: Community meals and conversation Special interest groups and networking sessions Interactive workshops and classes Prayer and worship services Outdoor activities and excursions Atmosphere The Journey Gathering provides a Kingdom atmosphere that is supportive, inclusive, and transformative. You'll be surrounded by individuals who are passionate about making a difference and advancing the Kingdom of God and you'll have the opportunity to be a part of a community that is committed to social justice, equity, and innovation. Takeaways Finally, The Journey Gathering offers a range of takeaways for attendees that can help them continue their journey of growth and development after the event. These takeaways may include: Access to resources, such as books, podcasts, and online courses, that can enhance your learning and development. Access to a community of supportive and like-minded individuals who can provide ongoing support and connection. Tools and resources that can help you implement the lessons and insights you've gained during the event. Opportunities for ongoing engagement with The Journey community through social media, online forums, and local events. Impartation and Experience The Journey Gathering is an event like no other. The speakers, workshops, and sessions are designed to impart wisdom, knowledge, and practical insights that can help you live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. You'll experience a transformational atmosphere that will inspire you to pursue your passions, align your goals with your purpose, and make a positive impact in your community. New Relationships At The Journey Gathering, you'll have the opportunity to meet new people and form meaningful relationships. You'll connect with like-minded individuals who share your passions and values, and who are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God. These connections can lead to new friendships, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative partnerships that can help you achieve your God ordained vision. Sustained Experience The Journey Gathering isn't just a one-time event - it's an experience that can have sustained outcomes. The lessons, insights, and connections you gain from the event can help you continue your journey of growth and development long after the event is over. You'll have access to resources, tools, and ongoing support that can help you stay motivated, focused, and connected to the community. In conclusion, The Journey Gathering is an exciting and transformative experience that offers a unique opportunity for individuals committed to transformation, innovation, and change to connect, learn, and grow. We invite you to join us and become a part of our vibrant community of changemakers, innovators, and leaders.!
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