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Journey Tribe + Experience Investment 

Welcome to The Journey Gathering 

an immersive experience designed to cultivate growth and transformation on both personal and professional levels. Your journey begins with our pre-gathering, which provides you with access to our Premier Digital Online Gathering Hub, customizable personal agenda, and the ability to interact and connect with fellow Journey Women and start collaboratively connecting on topics and interests that matter the most to you! You also will have access to premier session content with our gathering speakers and on-demand resource center.

Journey Investment Options

Join the exclusive Journey Tribe, and set your sights on Miami, Florida, as we host our in-person journey gathering there. Our various pricing options allow you to customize your experience to meet your needs.

Miami Journey Explorer Day Pass

In addition to 4 month access to the Journey Tribe digital community hub and live sessions, our Journey Miami's Explorer's Day Pass ($177) offers you the freedom to customize your week to meet your schedule for the Miami, Florida gathering. Choose to immerse yourself in the full Miami gathering experience with access to keynote speakers, skill-building workshops, panel discussions, prophetic impartations, and group activities. Hotel accommodations and monthly group coaching is not included. Discounted hotel group rates are available at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel. 

Journey Tribe 

Join the Healing and Recovery Journey Tribe, an empowering support group for women seeking transformative experiences. This is more than just an accountability group; it's a tight-knit community where we uplift and inspire each other on our individual healing paths. We meet weekly, providing a safe space to share, heal, and grow together. You'll also gain exclusive access to special sessions at Journey Gatherings as a Tribe member. Come join us and be part of this incredible journey of healing and growth. Sign up now!

Individual Sessions

If you are seeking a personalized and transformative counseling or coaching experience, book your session with Dr. Ingram today. As a dually-licensed counselor in clinical mental health and addiction, Dr. Ingram brings a unique expertise to her practice. Her specialty lies in cognitive and mind health and art-based healing strategies. Furthermore, she seamlessly integrates faith-based principles into her clinical approach. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Dr. Ingram and embark on a journey toward healing and personal growth. Book your session now!

Financing Your Investment  

Funding your Experience


At La Dream Institute, we understand the importance of investing in your personal and spiritual growth. We also understand that financing your development can be a daunting task. That's why we've partnered with FlexBuy to offer our students flexible financing options to help make their dreams a reality.


LaDream Institute and FlexBuy Financing


With our FlexBuy partnership, you can choose from a variety of flexible payment plans, making it easy to finance your experience in a way that fits your budget. The financing options allows you to spread the cost of over time. Our goal here at La Dream is to help you create a personalized plan that fits your specific financial situation.


Application Process


The application process for FlexBuy financing is quick and easy. To get started, simply follow these steps:


Visit the FlexBuy website or click here to access the La Dream Institute financing options.


Provide your personal and financial information as requested on the application form.


Submit your application and wait for the funding decision. 


Please note that eligibility requirements and processing times may vary depending on the lender. La Dream Institute does not make funding decisions, as they are made by partnering lenders. Once your application has been funded, FlexBuy will notify our La Dream Institute funding team.


Payment Requirements


Once your application for financing has been approved, funding will be disbursed directly to you. We ask that you make payment for your desired La Dream Institute offering within 48 hours of the funding disbursement.

Take the First Step


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