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The La Dream Institute proudly offers the School of Worship and Training for the development of prophetic psalmists, minstrels, artistically talented individuals, and ministries. This program is an anchor within the La Dream Institute, comprised of two essential components forming our Prophetic Training Laboratories.

Crystal Salt


The Prophetic Chambers of
Worship + Healing Lab

Here students will develop and mature in knowledge and practice as they explore the prophetic and perfect their worship unto the Living God. The Worship Corridor will be developed as students contribute and collaborate in bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth.


The Prophetic  Data Lab

This component will offer prophetic data training labs through the use of the science of prophecy, data science, and predictive modeling, drawing on Dr. Ingram's extensive experience in the field of data science. By leveraging data science and predictive modeling, the Prophetic Data Lab will provide a unique opportunity for individuals to explore the intersection of faith and technology while also advancing the Kingdom through community development initiatives.



Enrolled students and ministries will have the opportunity to take advantage of the partnerships The School of Worship and Training has established with educational institutions. This allows them to connect their faith communities with local resources, positioning both to participate in the process of community building and development. 

Additionally, through these partnerships, The School of Worship and Training will create a collaborative environment that will equip ministries with the necessary tools to develop their prophetic gifts and apply them in practical ways within their communities.


While offering training and development, the Prophetic Chambers of Worship and Healing Lab and the Prophetic Data Lab will assist ministries in developing language to leverage their church's existing strengths to obtain financial support and other local resources to advance the Kingdom.

La Dream Institute consults faith communities with Kingdom strategy and accepts speaking engagements. Our consultative efforts equip and empower faith communities with knowledge and tools that will develop and establish community resilience while supporting faith community leaders in acquiring resources to build the communities they serve.

Faith Communities and leaders can take advantage of our training and development in prophetic research through consulting sessions, training, and speaking engagements. This makes it possible for
faith communities to gain access to grants and varied forms of local resources.

By partnering with La Dream Institute, faith communities can enhance their impact on their community. 

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