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La Dream Institute

La Dream Institute is here to usher you into the full expression of your prophetic mantle. This school of worship and training will develop and raise up prophetic psalmists, minstrels, and those gifted in the arts. If you long to walk in your prophetic mandate - La Dream Institute is your answer.  

Female Friends

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When we come together in fellowship and join together in God's name, we create the power of a community. Here at La Dream Institute we believe that immense possibilities can be achieved by uniting people, places, and systems through intentional collaboration. Together, through Kingdom partnerships, we can unlock doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Dr. LaDrea Ingram, Founder & Visionary 

Our LA Dream Team.

The La Dream Team is a powerful and inspiring group of pioneering, visionary women from diverse backgrounds. Our team consists of Dr. LaDrea Ingram – a prophetic voice, mental health provider, journey coach, and spiritual midwife – along with other cutting-edge entrepreneurs, therapists, medical practitioners, authors, business owners, and life coaches. Together we bring positivity, spiritual growth, and transformation through our sessions, journeys, experiences, and community activities that help build the Kingdom of God on earth. With each member of the team contributing their unique knowledge and expertise, this LA Dream Team is ready to help you begin your spiritual journey!

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